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About the Artist that paints on feathers

Online Gallery of Fine Art by Peg Fennimore

Each of the designs on this page are available for sale. Our feather paintings are a one of a kind natural product. There may be a slight variation in color, shape and design from the way they appear on our samples.

The samples shown are just the beginning of what is possible. You can personalize the painting with your favorite animal and favorite time of year. It is the perfect gift, call 303-596-4942 for pricing and delivery.

Featured Feather Paintings

Baby Snow Leopard
"Baby Snow Leopard"
Driven Wild
"High Wind"
Fishing Bear Painting
"Where's My Fish?"
Feather Painting - Longing Lion
Bear Feather Paintings
"Magestic Bear"
Black Horse Painting
"Midnight Express"
Lions Painting
Wolf Medicine
"Wolf Medicine"
"The Ribbon"

Colorado Linx - Big Cat Painting
"Colorado Lynx"

Colorado Rainbow Trout Painting
"Colorado Trout"

"Forest Moose"

Zebras Painting
Sunset, Acrylic on Feathers
Golden Eagle
"Golden Eagle"
"Autumn Elk"
"Mystic Elk"
Soul Sisters Wolf Painting
"Soul Sister"
Winter Buck Painting
"Winter Buck"
Trout Feather Paintings
"Colorado Trout Series"
Black Horse Painting
"Winter Bear"

Other Fine Art and Mystical Objects
From the Peg Fennimore Feather Collection rule

hand painted wine glasses
Hand Painted Wine Glasses
Sunset, Acrylic on Feathers
Ceremonial Walking Stick
Hand-Made Feather Jewelry
"Feather Jewelry"
Holiday Painted Christmas Ornaments
Holiday Painted Christmas Ornaments

Commission your very own
Peg Fennimore Artwork!

Special order a Peg Fennimore painting of your prized horse or family pet. Have the famous Peg Fennimore create a special painting just for you.
  • Portrait of a Prized Horse.
  • Portrait of a Special Family Pet.
  • Paintings with Special Meaning or Messages.
  • You provide the photograph.

This commissioned painting is to remember a special family friend who has passed. Contact Peg Fennimore to honor your dear friend with a Peg Fennimore Painting.
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