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About the Artist that paints on feathers

Peg Fennimore - Artist and Activist

Peg Fennimore and Chunka Peg &, Chunka

The ancient art-form of hand-painted feathers has been documented since the early 1800s. But it was not until the early 1980s that Peg Fennimore found her spiritual voice in the art of traditional feather painting. Within a couple years Peg's spiritual artwork became popular across the nation and now her artwork can be found in private collections around the world.

Peg Fennimore uses her heritage as a sixth generation Cherokee and the spirits of the animals as the inspiration for her unique artwork. She uses many beautiful and natural elements like turkey and ostrich feathers, rabbit fur and steer skulls. Peg honors the spirits of the animals she portrays by using only legally and respectfully acquired materials.

Soul Sister - Wolf Painting - Acrylic on Feathers "Soul Sister"
Peg is pictured above with Chunka Hei, the last wolf she raised at home. Chunka, a runt at birth, had almost no chance for survival in with the pack, at Indigo Mountain Nature Center. In hopes of saving the life of the little pup, the center gave her to Peg to love and nurture into a healthy adult.

Chunka served as the wolf  ambassador to the mountain area until  the age of two when Peg returned her to her birthplace to take a mate  and enjoy life with the pack.  Chunka and her mate Erie, happily  lived out their long lives at the Indigo Mountain Nature Center until the  summer of 2006, when they both passed on within a week of each other.

Peg is a former board member, handler and care-giver at the  Indigo Mountain Nature Center in Lake George, Colorado.  Peg is still a volunteer and a vocal supporter for this very special organization.
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