Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

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Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments rule

Hand painted christmas ornaments Christmas Ornaments
$45.00 each
Hand painted christmas ornaments
With up to thirty layers of paint, these paintings are incredibly rich in detail and color.
The ornaments take three days to a week for each to be painted, cured and ready for shipment. A triple coat of sealant produce a durable hand-washable surface, so with proper care they can last a lifetime.
They should never be soaked in water - or cleaned in the dishwasher.

The prices start at $45 each with no discounts for ordering more.
The prices are determined by the difficultly of the painting on it.

So far Peg has painted wolves, foxes, buffalo, bears in water, but she is able to paint any animal ond landscape. "It seems pine cones with snow is a popular design on glass this year", says Peg Fennimore.

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Don't see what you want? You can have a custom painting created just for you.
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