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Hand Painted Ceremonial Walking Stick
with Hand Painted Feathers

Ceremonial Walking Stick
This walking stick features a single hand-painted Peg Fennimore feather and hand-painted paw print accents. Included in the price is your choice of available animals for use on the feather and for the paw print accents.

Name: rule Hand Painted Ceremonial Walking Stick
Price: $150
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All Peg Fennimore Feather Paintings are created using acrylic on turkey or peacock feathers with a variety of legally and respectfully acquired feathers, leather and fur. No two are ever alike and every piece is numbered.

"Silent Spirit" - Ceremonial Walking Stick
The spirit of the mountain lion runs deep and strong when on the hunt. You call on the stealth and cunning of the lion as you travel the lands. May the sheer determination, tenacity of the lion be your support.

The focal point and namesake of is this beautiful sample piece is the hand painted mountain lion on a wild turkey feather. This working art was created using a sturdy staff made of aspen and features hand painted lion tracks.

You can name your walking stick appropriately for the animal you choose. Just be sure to mention what animal you want on the order form.
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